Stockport County ‘Sea of Blue’ Protest march Dec 21

Stockport_County_fansProtest March: Sea of Blue – Dec 21st 2013

Why are we marching?
To draw wider attention to the position in which our once proud club finds itself.
It’s probably fair to say that many – possibly even the majority – of County fans don’t realise how bad a position our club is in, and how badly it’s being run by our current owners.
Most consider the result of the game on a Saturday is enough for them. It’s my opinion this group needs to understand the full gravity of our plight.
To focus the attention of local – and wider – media on the inept, disinterested attitude of certain shareholders towards the running of Stockport County.

Why are we protesting?
To gather together as one unified fanbase with a view to seeking;
The removal of the culture of “Blue Sky Thinking” and other such meaningless “management-speak” as regularly expressed by the current Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ryan McKnight.
To persuade the silent and non-active shareholders into donating their equity to the active shareholders free of charge, and to write-off their loans to the club.
To help engineer a process by which the two committed shareholders engage with their silent counterparts and inform supporters of their intentions to form a new board structure.
To ensure that in future the board of SCFC communicates with its fanbase regularly – at least once per month, whether the news is good, bad or indifferent – and for the fanbase to be recognised as the loyal customers they are.
Completion of the above by, at the latest, January 24th 2014. This allows plenty of time to complete all relevant inter-company legal processes.

What is the route of the march?
Start: The Nursery Inn, Heaton Norris. This was the location of County’s original ground, and thus a highly significant place in the birth of the club.
We will walk via Heaton Road and onto Wellington Road, with a planned meeting point at The Nelson. We will then continue up Greek Street and onwards to Edgeley Park.

What time are people expected to arrive and depart?
We ask as many supporters as possible who back the cause to arrive at The Nursery Public House, Green Lane, Heaton Norris around 11.30am to midday.
We will leave The Nursery at around 12.30pm for a relaxed, easy paced, 35 minute 1.7 mile walk, arriving at our first pit stop “The Admiral Nelson” on Wellington Road at approx 1.10pm. This is also a starting point for any fans who can’t manage to get to The Nursery at midday.
Because of the visual impact we are trying to make on Stockport’s passing traffic, as well as local, regional and hopefully national media, please do all you can to take part in the full walk from the Nursery. High visibility shirts will be provided.
We will leave the Nelson at 2pm and head to Edgeley Park, arriving as close to 2.15pm as possible.

What will happen on the march?
We have this one chance to communicate with the wider population of Stockport and beyond. The A6 stretch of the walk provides the perfect opportunity to highlight our cause – so banners are encouraged, to help make the plight of the club understood by hundreds of motorists and members of the public who will pass us by.
We have this one chance to show exactly how proud we are of our club. Let none of us be idiots, do not give anyone (club directors, police or general public) the opportunity to turn this positive event around, and use it against us.
We have this one chance to be vocal in opposition to the treatment our club has continually suffered. Be strong in voice – we need the full sound of the Cheadle End on the journey, to keep letting everyone know how we feel about the silent shareholders.

What happens when we arrive at Edgeley Park?
We gather on Hardcastle Road and provide information leaflets to as many fans as possible, to inform them why we have marched, why we are protesting, and what we are seeking from our Board.
We would like to think we can raise some real noise with strong renditions of our vast songbook.
We will be asking John Fitzpatrick, “A True County Stalwart”, to come out and address us, with a few words regarding why we are trying to bring about these changes.
There will be a “Nip and a Bite” available to all around 2.30/2.45pm.
At 2.45, we will enter the stadium and enjoy the game, which we hopefully win 2-1.

For those in any doubt as to why we are demonstrating our frustration by marching and protesting at the abject board of shareholders:
We are currently the longest surviving Football League team to drop out of the league, having played in the league for a total of 110 years.
At the end of 2012–13, Stockport were relegated to the Conference North, a mere eleven years after we competed in the second tier of English football.
Our board sat idly by and allowed this to happen. SCFC thus became the only team ever to drop from playing in the Championship to playing in the sixth tier of English Football.

Join the Sea Of Blue December 21st 2013.

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