West Ham fans want their club back

west ham fan ownedHammers fans have issued a challenge to the spivs who currently own West Ham United: give us our club back! An online petition has been set up which asks owners David Gold and David Sullivan, who both made their millions out of porn, to name their price to sell the club to its suppoprters.

Text of the petition below:

David Gold & David Sullivan: Name your price to sell to West Ham fans

West Ham United are an English professional football club with a proud history and many fans who go back generations. The club faces relegation from the English Premier League, but worse than that, it requires a new direction. A series of managerial appointments have gone disastrously wrong and the owners must accept responsibility. A change of ownership is needed and the owners should be given the option to sell the club for the price that they name.

This is not only important to West Ham United fans all over the world, but football fans in general. These once proud clubs are now being relegated to playthings for rich and not so rich owners who are focused only on making money at the expense of everything else.

But it does not need to be this way. Clubs in Germany all have to be 51% fan or member owned. All clubs in Sweden and Turkey are all fan owned. Its the law. And of course FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are owned by their fans. In England there are some clubs owned by their fans, most notably Portsmouth and AFC Wimbledon.  But there are no Premier League or Championship clubs owned by their fans.

In the age of democratised finance and crowdfunding, it is possible for tens of thousands of people to unite for a cause and raise huge amounts of money. Crowdcube.com have agreed to host this campaign which has a simple message.

‘To the owners of West Ham United, we ask you to name your price and we will then run a 90 day campaign to crowdfund that asking price and place West Ham United in the hands of football fan ownership.’

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