Brazil’s players set to go on strike

Bom_Senso_F.CFormer Brazil international midfielder Juninho has raised the prospect of a player strike in protest at Brazil’s congested football calendar.

Juninho said the Bom Senso players movement, created last year to fight for better conditions, has not been shown the respect it deserves from Brazil’s Football Confederation (CBF).

“At this rate we are going to have a strike” the former Lyon free-kick specialist said during a press conference on Wednesday.

“If the CBF doesn’t listen to us, the championship will be stopped” he said.

Brazil’s crammed playing schedule has long been criticized by the country’s players.

While most European leagues enjoy a three-month off-season, Brazil’s top flight footballers mostly play twice a week for up to 10 months a year.

Player discontent has escalated after the 2014 pre-season was further shortened to accommodate the World Cup in June and July.

Bom Senso FC was created in 2013 when a group of over 70 of the league’s most influential senior players signed a petition to demand changes to the new calendar proposed by Brazil’s football governing body, the CBF, for the 2014 season. The players’ movement, led by Corinthians’ Paulo André and Coritiba’s Alex was established without any collaboration with Brazil’s much maligned players’ union, Fenapaf. Bom Senso FC has demanded a meeting with the CBF to discuss changes to the calendar, citing the athletes’ health and the quality of the spectacle as their main concerns.

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