United in u-turn over fan’s Old Trafford ban

Manchester United chiefs have done a u-turn on their decision to ban a supporter from Old Trafford after he sought help from a fans’ group.

man utd police1The fan did not get a ticket for this season’s trip to Cardiff but went to the city for a day out with his mates.

The fan says he was arrested on public land near to the stadium, accused of being drunk and disorderly, and subsequently opted to receive a police caution on the understanding that it would be an admittance of guilt and police took the matter no further.

However, South Wales Police contacted United and lead United to believe the fan had been arrested for attempting to enter the stadium while drunk – a criminal offence.

United bosses initially wrote to the fan to say they were suspending his season ticket and banning him from away games (though he cannot apply for away games anyway as he has not had his season ticket long enough).

Concerned, the fan contacted The Football Supporters’ Federation and got advice from its case worker Amanda Jacks.

With her help, the facts of the case were established, United dropped the home ban but left the away ban in place.

MUST committee member for away fans’ issues Dale Haslam said: “This is another example that, from time to time, fans aren’t treated fairly and there are groups, including the FSF, MUST and IMUSA who can help fight their corner. Amanda is currently assisting several other United fans in a similar position – banned after information was passed to the club by the police.

“In this case, the correct details were not passed on and they almost lead to an unfair punishment.”

He added: “There are strict rules under the Data Protection Act laying out what information about people organisations can share with other organisations and, if necessary, we can look at whether the correct process was followed and if the rules were broken.”

Original: http://action.joinmust.org/index.php/blog/entry/united-in-u-turn-over-fans-old-trafford-ban/

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