Fan pressure works – Arsenal prices reduced

Spirit of Shankly supporters union and Arsenal’s Black Scarf Movement join forces and win ticket concessions for fans travelling to the Liverpool Arsenal cup tie at the Emirates

Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FCSpirit of Shankly statement:
Following our letter to Arsenal Football Club and Liverpool Football Club and a statement made by Arsenal’s Black Scarf Movement requesting that Arsenal do not charge the extortionate Category A prices for the forthcoming FA Cup match, we were very pleased to hear the announcement that Arsenal have decided to categorise this match as a Category B game. We would hope that this arrangement is reciprocated by Liverpool, should the game end up being replayed at Anfield.

While we still believe that £34 – £54 is far too much to pay to watch a game of football, it is evident that the voices of supporters are being heard and that this is a move towards clubs considering a reduction in ticket prices for all games. Given that Liverpool supporters were only charged £21 for their FA Cup tie with Bournemouth, however, this price still remains disappointingly high.

We also hope that our concerns in relation the kick off times and allocation are heard too and we await further information on these matters.

We will continue to lobby on behalf of supporters to ensure that pricing polices, structures and the lowering of prices remain high on every club’s agenda. It is clear that we can positively impact these issues if we stand together.

Don’t forget to check that your membership is up to date and if you are not already a member of the Spirit of Shankly, you can join here.

If you want to have your say on ticket prices at Anfield and our campaign on ticket prices, please fill in our survey – LFC Ticketing Survey.

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