Carshalton Athletic FC’s lifetime bans are latest in brutal war on fans

Club issues lifetime fans to loyal supporters

Carshalton Athletic Fc3

Carshalton Athletic RIP?
Unfounded & totally unproven allegations against 2 long standing fans were made by the board after the Lowestoft game on 12 October. Ten weeks on, despite evidence from both Carshalton and Lowestoft fans at the match, the club is not able to complete its internal ‘secret’ enquiry. The ‘Lowestoft 2’ are no longer able to watch home first team matches, and are given no opportunity to defend themselves against these unfounded allegations.

In early December, 6 first team supporters were advised by the club that they are now banned from the ground for LIFE

o Nothing happened to give rise to this new life ban

o No reasons were given to justify the life ban

o No right of appeal has been given

o Threats of legal action against them if they dare question this ruling

o No response from the club to reasonable enquiries as to why this action has been taken

This is just the latest episode in the intimidation of first team supporters by the board and the chairman, that has seen attendances reduce dramatically since the current regime took over. We believe more fans have now been banned in the five years under the current management than in the entire history of Carshalton Athletic

CAISC (Carshalton Athletic Independent Supporters Club) was formed to bring together supporters, to support the first team, and to try to open discussion with the board, which despite best efforts has not happened to date

Please support CAISC in their efforts to open dialogue with the club to get these unjust life bans overturned.


Letter sent by the club to banned fans:

Dear Mr -,
The board of directors met yesterday and after due consideration have decided to impose an immediate permanent ban on your attendance of the club. No other fans, officials, managers or volunteers were involved in this decision, directly or indirectly. The ban was not imposed as a result of any statements, comments, allegations from any other fans, officials, managers or volunteers, directly or indirectly.

The club will not make any further comment nor will review its decision. If you, or any of your colleagues harass, publish libellous statements, intimidate staff, officials, fans or managers at the club, on-line, in person or at away matches we will inform the police and/or take legal action against you.

By Order of the Board
Paul Dipre, Paul Williams, Clare Dipre, Kelly Anscom


Letter to the local paper:
In the wake of the recent permanent bans imposed by Carshalton Athletic owner Paul Dipre on six of the club’s most loyal fans, it’s a good time to reflect on the human cost of the last five years at the once-happy local football club which is well on the way to oblivion.

Popular manager Hayden Bird who took the club to the play offs of the Ryman Premier League in 2009 was sacked by Dipre soon afterwards and it’s been downhill all the way since then.

The lively support who sang their loyalty to the team week in and week out has been decimated; most have drifted away in despair or at the other extreme, been barred from entry with no reason given.

Some of those who have been singled out include people who have followed the team home and away for many years – for them it was a huge part of their lives.

Their only possible ‘crime’ was to speak out against the owner’s single-minded plans to turn the club from a football outfit to a commercial pitch hire facility.

Now they have a lifetime ban and atmosphere on match days is a thing of the past. The bans themselves are only the latest episode in a brutal war against the genuine supporters of this club which has now been going on for several years.

If Dipre gets permission to rip up the grass and replace it with a plastic pitch this will probably signal the end of Carshalton Athletic FC as we have known it for over 100 years.


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