Plymouth Argyle fans want stadium to remain in public ownership


AFT Stadium Ownership Survey Results

The Argyle Fans’ Trust has been surveying supporters on the question of the future ownership of Home Park. The Survey was marketed in three ways – online via a SurveyMonkey poll; by post, direct to Trust members, and at the Ground on a matchday. In total we received 658 responses to the survey, which we believe is a significant return.

The results of the survey are as follows:

1) Do you agree that Home Park should remain in Public Ownership through the council?

2) Do you agree that the option for James Brent/Akkeron to buy Home Park should be removed from his lease/rental agreement with the Council?

3) If the option for James Brent/Akkeron to buy Home Park is removed from the Lease with the Council, do you think the Trust should explore registering Home Park as an Asset of Community Value?

4) Are you a member of the Argyle Fans’ Trust?

Obviously it should be noted that not everyone responded to each question, hence the variations in numbers for each.

However, the basic message of the survey is very clear – Argyle fans want the stadium to remain in community ownership. The strongest support given was for the Trust to register Home Park as an Asset of Community Value. This is something that is already under investigation, and the Board will be putting a proposal together, in conjunction with the Working Group, in the very near future.

A number of respondents also took time to include some comments in their replies – many thanks to the 77 of you that did so. Those comments ranged across the spectrum of views, from those that felt we should just let James Brent do whatever he wishes, to those that felt that no private individual or company should ever be allowed to own the Ground.

Gratifyingly, there were also plenty of comments supporting the Trust and thanking the Trust Board for the work we’re doing. There are far too many comments to publish them all, and we don’t want to just publish a handful as that would appear as selective. If anyone would like to read the comments, please email and the PDF document with the comments on them (all anonymous) can be forwarded to you.

This survey has shown that Argyle fans care passionately about the future of the club. That so many took the time and trouble to respond at a busy time of year is testament to that. Thank you all.


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