Dulwich Hamlet fans: Don’t forget the meeting after the match today!

Have your say and question the owners about the future of your club

dulwich-hamlet-thamesmead-15from the club’s website:
What does the future hold for Dulwich Hamlet FC? You can find out more about potential exciting times ahead for our proud club at 5.15pm after the game. After much speculation in both the local press and on various independent supporters’ message boards, all Dulwich Hamlet fans are invited to attend the public meeting on the future of the Club.

On the top table the meeting shall be chaired by Dulwich Hamlet Football Club Chairman Mr. Jack Payne and by his side will be Football Club Secretary Martin Eede. Also in attendance to speak and answer questions from the floor will be Peter Bennison, the Chief Executive Officer of Hadley Property Group, along with his colleague James Gordon.

The meeting will commence at approximately 5.15pm, but please do not panic if this over-runs slightly, due to any possible unforeseen post-match football business. We expect a healthy turn out of fans, and to this end it is extremely difficult to estimate numbers, so if the bar is crowded we would ask supporters to be patient.

To this end we realise supporters will want to ask as many questions as possible, so we are asking, first of all, for supporters to write down any potential questions and hand them to Paul Griffin, as they come through the turnstile before kick off.

All will be read out and answered first, with similar questions collated together.

We hope the format of the meeting will be as follows:

  • Opened, with introductory comments and Chaired by Jack Payne.
  • Follow up by Martin Eede.
  • Then Peter Bennison & James Gordon, for Hadley Property Group.
  • The pre-meeting questions will then be read out, one by one, and answered by the top table.
  • After this the meeting shall be opened up to questions from the floor, following the written questions session.

Please note: We respectfully ask that questions are kept to non-footballing matters, as this is a meeting solely about the Club, the ground and the future.

Finally, if it is a very busy meeting we also politely ask that there is as little discussion as possible between yourselves during the meeting. This is because it may make it difficult for others to follow proceedings if minor chats break out between people all across the bar.

Finally, the Club Committee & Hadley Property Group are happy for people attending to record the meeting provided that you do not create any obstruction to other attendees.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding.

Original: http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dulwichhamlet/news/dont-forget-the-meeting-after-the-match-tomorrow-1164562.html

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