Cyprus government to introduce football id cards

A BILL aimed at tackling football violence will be put to a vote by the cyprus parliament this weekgate 9 cJustice Minister said on Sunday that in order to curb violence at grounds football fan cards should be issued before the end the year since the football hooliganism bill is expected to be approved on Wednesday 23rd July.

The bill provides for identity cards, or fan cards, to be issued to fans who want to attend football games, in an attempt to thwart anonymity.

Football clubs will then only be able to sell tickets to fans who have registered their personal information with the club.

The state has been trying to introduce the fan card for quite some time but football clubs have always been reluctant, being pressured by their respective supporters who strongly oppose lifting anonymity. There is also a cost involved.

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou made a request towards all who want to tackle football violence to collaborate in order to make the issuing of the ID card a reality as soon as possible.
He said: “We have reached worrying levels of football violence for both the sport but also for our culture.”

Speaking during the annual memorial service of the fallen during the 1974 Turkish invasion in Limassol, Nicolaou said that the state has played a significant role thus far and expressed the hope that the House of Representatives approves the bill.

He said the bill includes a comprehensive package of measures that the state wants to promote which is to tackle or limit football hooliganism.

“A bill was submitted to the House and I am expecting that all the measures included within the bill will be approved.

“Together with the help of football clubs and citizens we need to achieve our goal so that only people who are really interested in football attend football matches,” said Nicolaou.

He added that any amendments made by the House should concern an amendment that will give priority for immediate implementation and issuing of the fan card.

He said that the sooner tougher laws are enforced there will be less violence at football games.


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