Match report: Epsom Athletic v Alton Town FC

Epsom Athletic 4-4 Alton Town FC

Saturday 9 August 2014
Combined Counties Division One

a2Starting in a new league for each of the last three years Alton have specialised in an opening fixture 4-4 draw and so it was at Chalky Lane today.

A team unrecognisable from last seasons refused to be bullied by an Epsom team intent on shouting ‘how many times ref?’ after every Alton foul.

Alton took an undeserved first half lead but with 80 minutes gone were trailing 2-4. The heads didn’t drop and after equalising the last five minutes were a helter skelter of missed chances for both sides.

Alton’s No.11 Steve Graham was outstanding and now two games undefeated our hopes grow for FA Cup glory at Horsham YMCA next Saturday. The referee Mark Kelly also had a resolute game.

One final question – why are Combined Counties League grounds so bloody hard to find?


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