How to buy jeans by The Beautiful North

21-06-2012_edwin_ed55relax_unwasheddI’m deeply suspicious of anybody who claims to find buying jeans easy. It’s hazardous and stressful. We’ve heard all sorts of horror stories. From jeans not actually fitting, to relationships *actually* ending in the Levi Shop in Cheshire Oaks.

Here’s a little guide to help you buy a pair of nice jeans that fit.

1) Go to a good shop.
2) Try them on in said shop.
3) Read the lovely leaflet they give you.
4) Wear them in the shower like they’ll probably tell you to in said leaflet
5) Wear them in. You can do this by wearing them.

We’d advise getting a pair of Edwin 55s. They’re from Japan (Ooo) and are tapered below the knee, meaning you can have big “5 a-side thighs” without your trainers being swallowed by excess denim – there is nothing worse. Nothing.

You can get them at a number of places, including Weavers Door and Peggs and Son

All the best,




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