Campaigners drone protest against Hyde Park new plans to charge sport fees


The London Charity Softball League has been running since 2003, and in its latest season has seen teams from 70 charities join in – but now the Royal Parks authorities, which manage Hyde Park want to start charging for access to pitches.

In response, campaigners who oppose the move have been kicking up a fuss on social media – and now in the skies above the park too. Early this morning a drone was sent up with a GoPro attached – and captured the unfurling of a massive “FOR SALE?” sign.

The goal of the stunt was to raise awareness of the consultation over the plans, which will be closing soon.

Leo Visconti who organises the London Charity Softball League, which he set up 11 years ago, said “Whilst we are disappointed that the Royal Parks are again trying to introduce fees to play sport in Hyde Park, what’s more concerning is just how little has been done to advertise the consultation to the public. If their proposals go through, then ordinary Londoners could soon find themselves having to pay to use one of the country’s most iconic parks.”

The news comes just hours after drones interrupted a Serbia-Albania football match – seemingly similarly campaigning on an issue.

As drones become increasingly commonplace, could we see them regularly used in campaigning?


hydepark for sale protest



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