Why I am against Labour plans for a fans stake in Football Clubs

fcum bannerfrom On the terraces a look at fan owned football clubs across Britain (and a whole lot more)

Today [Friday 17th Oct 2014], the Labour Party has outlined proposals to give fans greater say in the running of their clubs. Regular readers of this site will know (and surprisingly, there’s a fair few of you) that I am puritanical about fan ownership. So I won’t be going through why increased ownership is a good thing. No, I am going to outline why I am against Labour proposals on fan ownership.

Firstly, I expect to be one of the few (if not the only) person who is in favour of fan ownership but is against these proposals.  FC United head honcho and propagandist (in a good way) Andy Walsh was at the launch of the plans with FC United supportive. The Cardiff City Supporters Trust has welcomed the plans (here) with Chair Tim Hartley stating: “I welcome Labour’s commitment to ensuring fans have a real role in owning and running their clubs.” Blackpool Supporters Trust has also linked to the plans on Twitter, which I suspect is a sign of support…

Read the rest of this excellent article here:  http://ontheterracesblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/committing-heresy-why-i-am-against-labour-plans-for-a-fans-stake-in-football-clubs/




3 thoughts on “Why I am against Labour plans for a fans stake in Football Clubs

  1. Guys, although I am delighted that you have taken an interest in my blog, copying and pasting it in full is not really on and defeats the point of me doing a blog in the first place. Happy for you to use the opening paragraph and link put please can you take down the remainder.
    Thank you.

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