Hungarian ultras protest against repressive surveillance measures

FBL-HUN-FANATICS-DEMOhungary ultras protestHungarian hardcore football fanatics rallied in Budapest on Sunday Oct 26th, to protest tough security measures they say are driving fans out of stadia and destroying the atmosphere at matches.

Over 2,000 so-called “ultras” from dozens of clubs –including fierce Budapest rivals Ferencvaros and Ujpest — lit flares outside the parliament building and chanted insults against the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ), the local governing body of the sport.

The fans, who also organised a boycott of games this weekend, say recent MLSZ measures aimed at curbing violence in stadia, including increased camera surveillance, and hand-scanners, are too harsh and are forcing the ultras to stay away.

“Without the ultras there is no atmosphere, and no football,” said one speaker.

“We remain ready to negotiate (with the MLSZ), the next rally may not be so peaceful,” he warned.

The event, which was watched by hundreds of police, passed off peacefully.



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