Proper #16 – latest issue

proper 16 ardwick coverLatest issue of Proper magazine comes in 4 different covers. The adibox cover has already sold out, so we opted for Oipolloi’s Ardwick Green cover, still available from their shop in manchester:


As Proper reaches its adolescence with issue 16, its contributors reach back into their own teenage years, tracing the roots of scally style.


  • Extensive, exclusive interview with adidas aficionado Gary Aspden, who talks us through his trip to Buenos Aires and provides us with similarly exclusive pictorial evidence. A must read.
  • Interview with founder of cult terrace brand Dupe and now the driving force behind Uniformes Generale, Adam Creed.
  • Ever wondered what they did with the Iron Curtain when they brought it down? A Russian brand named GJOE made loads of space age acid jackets out of it. We’ve got the inside track.
  • There Will Be Hood – #COATS with #HOODS. We couldn’t be more predictable if we tried.
  • Too Hot… Purveyors of the best of 1990s style Too Hot have done us an exclusive shoot which is perhaps the coolest thing we’ve ever put in our magazine.
  • Oi Polloi… Ardwick Green. Another exclusive shoot and some words on why Mancunian institution Oi Polloi have insisted on the return of a classic shoe with a brand new name.
  • The Rise of the Johnhead. Prolific Internet Marksman @DanielSandison has written about Liverpool’s latest scally subculture.
  • Goretex, Drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll. Stories from behind (and in front) of the stage.
  • Scally Sinner Men. Casuals author Phil Thornton firms up with Josh Parkin and Peter O’Toole to create the definitive seven ages of scally.

It’s not to be missed isn’t it?

There are four covers available in this issue, each strictly limited. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. The one you see is the one you get. The other three will be available from various retailers, including one exclusive to the aforementioned Oi Polloi.

Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.



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