Zambia womens’ national football team occupy FA building over underpaid wages

Zambia-women-team-300The Zambia national women’s team stated that the money paid to them by Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) after their participation in the Africa Women’s Championship in Namibia is an insult.

The players who had refused to go back home but remained at the FAZ technical center complained that FAZ was even asking them to return the kit used at the championship while some vowed not to play for the national team again.

“They told us they will pay us half and we know that half of the amount should be, K6,000 not this K1,500 we are being given. This is an insult to us,” the players complained.

“We are in shock because FAZ is demanding that we return the full kit which includes jerseys, boots, truck suits bought for us by NOWSPAR and cycling shorts before they can give us our money,” the girls said.

“FAZ says they are not happy with our behaviour, we are equally not happy with their warning, this issue would not have reached this far if we were given what is due to us,” they said.

“From today I have ended my football career both at club and national team level because it is not beneficial but a sheer waste of time. I am urging my fellow girls not to take football as a career because it’s not beneficial, let them concentrate on school. To be honest FAZ have messed up my talent,” she said.

Meanwhile, FAZ communications manager Nkweto Tembwe said the Shepolopolo players have been paid what was promised to them.

“Everyone has been given part of their money as we promised on Monday and we have told the girls when to come and collect the rest of their allowances,” Tembwe said.



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