Blackpool fans StandOut Protest against club owners

StandOut Protest Saturday 31st January 2015 – Blackpool v Brighton at Bloomfield Rd
Blackpool oyston out campaignTangerine Knights Comment on Saturday and Call for the Oyston Family to put Blackpool FC up for sale:

The Tangerine Knights wish to state our thanks and congratulations to everyone, from both Blackpool and Brighton, who attended the ‘StandOut’ protest at Bloomfield Road on Saturday. We also call on the Oyston family to start the process of selling the club.

We believe yesterday was a pivotal day in our campaign to change ownership of our club.

The BBC reported that there were around 1,000 protesters outside the West Stand on Saturday with fans from both Blackpool and Brighton stood united against unscrupulous club owners. Do not believe what you read in the Blackpool Gazette. We have no idea, although we can guess, why the local newspaper should give such a distorted report on the protest. However we are very disappointed that they chose to go down this route. Not long ago we stopped our campaign to boycott the Gazette and we do not wish to do so again, We hope that by Mondays edition they will be reporting more accurately, like the BBC did.

Many fans came from out of town specifically to protest. We were joined by highly vocal and supportive Brighton fans, who we cannot praise and thank enough for their actions, which they continued inside the stadium in the away end with some of them wearing tangerine Oyston Out scarves and chanting against our club owners.

News media were in attendance, with the BBC interviewing the Tangerine Knights spokesperson Stephen Smith as well as Blackpool Supporters Trust spokesperson Christine Seddon which was shown in a two minute report on BBC North West Tonight.

We also wish to congratulate protest organizer Lee Johnson without whose hard work this protest would not have happened. Lee, as far as we are concerned you are now an Honorary Knight.

We would also like to thank Blackpool Supporters Trust and their members. At their general meeting earlier in the day there was a proposal put forward asking whether the Trust should give their backing to the Knights initiative to boycott Blackpool FC for one game on 21st March and instead to give support to one of the local non-League sides, AFC Blackpool – giving them much needed income, and publicity. BST members voted to give us their backing, and we wish to thank them for doing so. We will in the next weeks be giving everyone much more information.

Also yesterday BST confirmed that they will be entering a candidate in the Blackpool South Parliamentary constituency in this years General Election, which we will be fully supporting.

Many fans have commented how yesterday restored their pride and desire back into the club they love, something that has been missing and lacking for a long time. Whilst the protest did for a time get highly volatile and at one point look as if it could erupt badly, it is surely no real surprise that this happened, given recent events and actions from the club. Many fans are very angry, upset and needed to vent that anger.

It will not be easy, we know that. The Tangerine Knights work all the time to achieve our sole aim. We have numerous actions to come, we are constantly investigating, discussing, organizing and working… And we again encourage fans to do whatever they can, if you wish to help out in any way, whatever you can do. Either with ourselves or BST or like Lee, organize something on your own, or with a group of friends. We also hope that BSA will, now they have cut off all contact with Karl Oyston join in any initiatives and we would welcome them fully. As Brighton supporters said yesterday, Fans United will never be defeated.

The Oyston family can do their worst, but our best will ensure victory for the fans. Because we have passion and desire for our club to succeed and not be a laughing stock. And just as Brighton fans did before us, we will get our club back.

We call upon the Oyston family to take stock of things, and realize that the tide is turning, quicker than ever, Your position is untenable and no matter how much you bury your head in the sand and ignore the reality of your situation, this is the only way forward now.

We call on you to put the club up for sale. We completely reject your comments about no-one having offered to buy the club as yet as irrelevant. Just as when home owners come to you to sell their houses with Oystons Estate Agency, they have no idea who will buy their home, or if anyone will do so. They do not have offers to buy from random home owners, who are unaware the house is for sale. Just like our football club, which you are merely the current guardians. Home owners the world over though, still put their houses up for sale. We believe that you would as a family be far better to put the club up for sale now and move on to do something else. We also remind you that by far the largest supporters group, BST also unanimously had a vote of no confidence in you Karl, The time is right for you to sell.

Tangerine Knights spokesperson told the BBC North West Tonight, “It’s gone too far. There is no other way but for Karl to leave the club and for the Oyston family to sell Blackpool Football Club to new investors who will get Blackpool back where we truly belong, back in the Premier League.”

We say again Karl and Owen – the time is right for you to sell.

You can ignore us all you like; You can laugh at us as much as you want, and you can fight us in any way you want. However –

We Will Win… Because we will neither give up, nor will we stop.

You should have expected us….

Blackpool oyston out campaign2

Tangerine Knights – unofficial support/information page. Protest group in support of Blackpool FC & the aim of the Oyston family to leave the club


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