Lee Scratch Perry, bobble hats and the casual connoisseur

Black Ark' Weir hatNow that’s a title i didn’t think i’d ever see myself writing.

It’s not every day you can artfully associate the master of Jamaican dub (and herbal excess) with a bobble hat and football casuals, but those northern monkeys down at Casual Conn have come up with something a bit special for their new headwear creation.

Named after the recording studio Perry built in his own back yard in Kingston ‘the Black Ark’ is the latest in a long line of sought after specially designed strictly limited bobble hats to keep you ahead of the game on the terraces and looking good out and about on the high street.

The design is the classic Weir zigzag and C combination with the colours, perhaps unsurprisingly, of Jamaican reggae and Rastafari.

There’s only 80 available to buy and they go on sale online this friday, 20th February at 7pm, (and probably all sold out by 7.10pm) so any terrace boy and girl wishing to up their fashion stakes will be glued to the internet friday evening to ensure they bag themselves this spring’s most sought after accessory.

The Weir hat has taken on a life of its own since being unleashed on an unsuspecting public in 2008, attaining near legendary status with each subsequent new release. It’s CC’s signature piece and one they rightly built their reputation on – keeping it simple, classy and in demand.

The Weir hat is in part a homage to the little known (at least south of the border) Scottish broadcaster and all round working class rambler Tom Weir, who did his bit to bring the bobble hat bang up to date.





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