Favela Street Girls new documentary trailer

always, always, always.. Brazil


Favela Street Girls football team
In the documentary film Streetkids United II – The Girls From Rio the Brazilian girls’ football team is followed as they prepare themselves for the tournament that will change their lives forever, the Street Child World Cup. In the midst of police and drug gangs confrontations the Favela Street Girls strive to keep their dreams alive.

Streetkids United II – The Girls From Rio is a documentary film about a life-changing experience for a group of girls from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, the Favela Street Girls, who are chosen to represent Brazil during the Street Child World Cup 2014. The girls, who have faced crime, violence and social problems during their lives, and their coaches work hard to become a winning team. Their journey to the unknown finally rewards them with much more.

From the 27th of March to the 5th of April 2014, ahead of the FIFA World Cup, the second ever Street Child World Cup took place in Rio de Janeiro. The Street Child World Cup united teams of street children, girls and boys, from up to 19 countries, drawing from a network of outstanding projects, all campaigning for the rights of street children. This ensured that street children’s voices were heard and that they had the chance to play in the festival of football.

Film is released May 2015.




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