Liverpool and Manchester City fans to unite against ticket prices

But definitely NO half and half scarves…

liverpoolLiverpool FC and Manchester City supporters will stand together on Sunday 1st March in protest at the rising cost of Premier League ticket prices.

The Spirit of Shankly supporters union have joined forces with Manchester City’s 1894 group to make their voices heard about spiralling costs following the new £5.1 million TV deal between Sky Sports and BT Sport.

At Anfield, the price of tickets for home games currently stands between £37 and £60, a rise of 716% since 1989.

Roy Bentham, 47, who sits on the Spirit of Shankly management committee, said: “We’ve been talking with the 1894 group over the past fortnight and they’ve been very accepting of us.

“We’d like to engage with anyone who sees this problem with ticket prices. It’s not just about our generation, it’s about the next generation of young fans.

“It’s one of the biggest games in European football on Sunday and we’ve seen it as the perfect opportunity to express how we feel about ticket prices, which encompasses all Premier League games.”

A banner reading ‘£NOUGH IS £NOUGH’, which Liverpool fans displayed at Anfield during their 0-0 draw with Hull City in October, will be stretched across the Anfield Road end just before kick-off.

The cheapest ticket at Anfield is the second most expensive in the Premier League and costs £37, according to the BBC Sport Price of Football Survey, with only Chelsea’s prices being more expensive.

“Ideally, we want tickets at home games to be around £30 and I feel that despite the rivalries between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester, we can work together to achieve this,” added Mr Bentham.

“The greed needs to stop now. We need action. We’re really worried about the next generation of fans because we feel we might lose them and football is nothing without fans.

“We realise that even some clubs in the Football League are unhappy with ticket prices as well, so we want our message to spread and span across all clubs.”

Supporter groups have recently enjoyed some success in their attempts to persuade the Premier League to cap prices.

A fund was set up in 2013 to make games more affordable for away fans, and clubs have used it to subsidise coach travel or cut ticket costs.

The Football Supporters’ Federation’s ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign, a push for away fans to be charged no more than £20 per game, has also gained support with some clubs entering into reciprocal agreements.

In November the Spirit of Shankly along with fans group Spion Kop 1906 withdrew their flags and banners from the Kop until LFC agreed to meet with them to discuss the issue of ticket prices.

With these successes in mind, the Spirit of Shankly and the 1894 group hope that ticket prices and other expenses on match day can dramatically reduce so that the fan experience can be rejuvenated for years to come.

“We want to see a significant reduction in ticket prices and we would also like to Premier League to have a greater dialogue with companies like Network Rail on match days,” added Mr Bentham.

“We can work together for the greater good of the game.”




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