Oyston Out Protest Match – Saturday 21 March

Saturday 21st March Demo Day, Blackpool and Leeds United

Love_Blackpool_Hate_OystonThe day will begin at 1:45pm with the Afroman Roadshow delivering a high quality sound and PA. ‘Oyston FM’ will be based on Lonsdale Car Park opposite the West stand. Fans of both Blackpool and Leeds United — come and join the protest with “Supporters Unite Against The Football League”.

Whilst Blackpool are heading for relegation to League One after recently posting profits of over £9m, club chairman Karl Oyston is still under investigation by The FA, and still sits on the Board of the Football League. The Board that chose to disqualify Italian Massimo Cellino, owner of Leeds United, who was also asked to resign from the club.

Join us as Fans United.

The protest and roadshow is aimed to finish by around 2:45pm giving time for travel to Jepson Way and the second part of the day.

At 3:00pm the “Oyston Out Protest Match” – AFC Blackpool vs Bootle FC, for which we call on Blackpool fans, to join us for one match to boycott Bloomfield Road and support a local community side.

Tickets are still on sale at £5. Whilst we of course do not expect Leeds fans to give up supporting their own club, any fan who is unable to watch the game at Bloomfield Road is very welcome to join us at Jepson Way.

Throughout the coming week much more information will be publicised.

We Will Not Give Up
We Will Not Stop

We Will Not Be Silenced

blackpool demo v leeds oyston outTangerine Knights Statement

As we move forward with our campaign and initiatives we are pleased to announce that as a protest group we are now an Associate Member of the Football Supporters Federation (FSF).

We continue to grow and carry on our campaign for a complete change of ownership at Blackpool Football Club and for the Oyston family to put the club up for sale as soon as possible. We utterly reject their claim that there would be no-one interested in buying the club.

Next weekend together with Supporters Unite Against The Football League there is the joint protest between Blackpool and Leeds United fans together with a roadshow outside Bloomfield Road from 1.45pm. Then there is of course the “Oyston Out Protest Match” at Jepson Way from 3:00pm – AFC Blackpool vs Bootle FC. More news about this day will continue throughout this week.

We have plans ahead for a Fans United day on the final day of the season, a day which will basically be “Judgement Day”….. And we will continue to work with fans of other clubs, and other BFC fans groups.

Plans continue for various other initiatives, some of which will be announced ahead, some of which will not.

If you have any ideas/suggestions or wish to get involved or back us in any way whatsoever, just get in touch with us.

Now we are an associate member of FSF this gives us a much wider opportunity to promote our campaign. And we look forward to being members of FSF – the democratic organisation representing the rights of fans and arguing the views of football supporters in England and Wales.

We Will Not Give Up
We Will Not Stop

We Will Not Be Silenced




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