FC Union reserves and Dynamo Berlin derby: 175 arrests, 112 injured police


Berlin-based FC Union are set to be heavily fined by the German Football Association (DFB) after 175 fans were arrested and 112 officers injured in rioting during a reserve match.

The fourth division match at Union`s Alte Foersterei ground in east Berlin against arch rivals Dynamo Berlin had to be held up for 15 minutes as a group of 300 Union fans tried to force their way into the away team`s fan block on Sunday.

Stewards and police intervened but were attacked by the fans, who were driven back with pepper spray and batons.

There is bad blood between Berlin`s former top two former East German sides who have fallen from grace with Dynamo now in the regional league while Union`s first team play in Germany`s second tier.

Police confirmed that 64 supporters have been charged with a crimes including breach of the peace, assault, resisting arrest, criminal damage and insulting officers.

“Every injured person is one too many and each offender identified by police will have to answer for his actions,” said a Union spokesman after Dynamo ended up claiming a 1-0 victory.



Original: http://en.starafrica.com/football/football-175-arrests-112-police-injured-in-berlin-riot.html

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