Leeds fans top British Transport Police troublemaking table

millwall 85
Old school: Millwall involved in an incident, London Kings Cross 1985

British Transport Police have published their list of the top 10 Premiership and top 10 Championship clubs whose fans have been involved in the most ‘incidents’ on the railways during the past two seasons.

There has been a total of 1,027 incidents involving police although what constitutes an ‘incident with police’ is never defined.

Leeds United fans top the table with 77 incidents which will no doubt give the olds boys at Leeds Service Crew something to smile about.

Number of train incidents dealt with by police in 2012/13 and 2013/14 season

(Premiership and Championship clubs)

Leeds United 77
Birmingham City 40
Manchester United 36
Nottingham Forest 35
Manchester City 30
Sunderland 28
Newcastle United 27
Wolverhampton Wanderers 25
Aston Villa 24
Chelsea 24
Stoke City 21
Everton 19
Sheffield Wednesday 19
Arsenal 18
Tottenham Hotspur 18
Wigan Athletic 18
Derby County 17
Millwall 17
Blackburn Rovers 15
Blackpool 13

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