Four QPR fans jailed for fight against Burnley fans

Four QPR fans have been jailed for taking part in a football-related brawl against Burnley supporters outside a pub in west London [see footage below].


Isleworth Crown Court heard all four were outside the pub in Harrow where their rivals were enjoying a post-match drink following the QPR v Burnley FC Championship match on February 1 last year.

The men confronted the Burnley supporters through the pub window before one fan kicked and shattered the glass.

Several people were assaulted and punched outside the pub before the mob moved down the street after the pub manager locked the door and called the police.

The same fan, who was wearing a distinctive red patent jacket, and the other three men came across further Burnley and QPR supporters and started a second fight.

Two of the convicted escaped the scene when the police arrived and although were stopped nearby they were not arrested as officers had no proof they were involved in the brawl.

However after CCTV was analysed they were identified and all four were arrested by officers who raided their home addresses.

In court all four men denied any involvement but were found guilty of affray last month and received prison sentences ranging from 8 months to one year. They have also been given six-year Football Banning Orders following the fight.





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