Is Edgeley Park to be sold off to developers?

EdgeleyPark StockportCountyA petition has appeared on encouraging Stockport Council to step in and protect Edgeley Park from the threat of being sold off by Cheshire Sport to private property developers.

Sign the petition here:

Protect Edgeley Park

On June 19th Stockport MBC published a notice of a property purchase.

The reason for urgency states: ” The matter is urgent because the sale of the property is operating to a timetable outside of the control of the Council and the deadline by which an unconditional offer must be made is prior to the next programmed meeting. The reason that the decision cannot reasonably be delayed is that if the Council cannot make an unconditional offer, the property will be sold to another party and this is directly against the social and economic interests of the borough of Stockport, and potentially the community in which the property is situated.”

The Manchester Evening News linked this potential purchase to Stockport County football club’s home ground, Edgeley Park, on June 20th highlighting the extraordinary meeting of the Council’s Executive to be held on Wednesday 24th June.

We call on Stockport Council to do everything in their power to stop the third party ‘developers’ from gaining ownership, even if it means purchasing the ground themselves. The club is a community asset and it should not be left at the hands of ‘developers’ who have the intention of removing SCFC from their home and knocking down the ground.

This petition is a message to all councillors that the people of Stockport will not stand by and watch one of the towns most iconic landmarks become rubble. Edgeley Park = Stockport County


Statement from Stockport Council

An opportunity has arisen for Stockport Council to purchase the Edgeley Park Football Ground from the current owners, Cheshire Sport. The Council’s Executive will receive a report on Wednesday recommending that, subject to due diligence, the Council will become owner of the ground.

This is a genuinely commercial arrangement which would enable the establishment of a landlord-tenant relationship between the Council and Stockport County Football Club. Wednesday’s decision would be to purchase a land asset on a cost neutral basis and will therefore not cost Council Tax Payers a penny.

The Council will not, at any stage, be providing financial support to the football club but hope to purchase the ground in order to provide the stability for the team to remain in Stockport and for the club to progress in securing their own longer term future and footballing success.

All political groups on Stockport Council have come together to support this proposal so that the club can stay in Stockport, close to the vibrant local communities of which it is part and to contribute to raising the profile of our thriving Borough.

Councillors in Stockport will monitor the proposals as they develop and reserve the right not to proceed with the purchase if the deal ceases to represent the best interests of Council Tax Payers and of our town.

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