The choice of the Summer cargo shorts

We take a look at a few of this year’s summer shorts, and pick out our favourite

they’re putting shorts in with the chrysanths

When going for a pair of shorts there’s always two looks you want to do your best to avoid:
1 englishman abroad
2 scoutmaster on a ramble
If you’ve got those two sussed (and granted a lot depends on whether you pair them up with socks and sandals or you’re dragging a white plastic chair behind you) then you’re well on your way to getting yourself a half decent pair of summer kecks.

What you do want is that three way balance between functionality – wouldn’t look out of place swinging a spirit level on a building site, practicality – wouldn’t look out of place at the end-of-season pitch invasion out-pacing the lad on the mobility scooter, and the all out aesthetic, casual cool – wouldn’t look out of place watching the Sleaford Mods tipping up at some posh festival or other, after doing about 40, just dealing around. So we’re talking cargo shorts really – the stylistic boy-about-town version of an ice cold beer in greenhouse temperatures.

We take a look what’s on offer and what we eventually went for.

Stone Island – khaki cargo shorts
Two things: price and reputation. You turn up to work in a £165 pair of SI shorts, people are either going to think knock-off or snide. Either way you’re just showing off. Same as if you start running round the terraces at nonleague Beleaguered FC in a pair. Put ’em away! And what you gain in nicely tailored and tonal stitched shorts with the usual clever fabric finish you lose by looking like a Stone Island hipster. And no-one wants to fuck around looking like a Stone Island hipster. To be fair they are a slim fit which’ll have you looking more like a deckhand on a flash yacht in St Tropez if anything. If that’s the look you’re after these are probably for you.

Carhartt – Regular leaf cargo shorts
Rough and ready, no nonsense, what you see is what you get. Carhartt know their stuff and you’re always going to come home with exactly what it says on the tin. Solid and sturdy for working in the warehouse or on outdoor festival lighting rigs. They do tend to veer towards the baggy (with big pockets!) so if you’re a drummer in an earnest american hardcore band with a flamboyant array of mis-matched calf tattoos or a wannabe Bear Grylls with an expanding hiking boot collection these are the shorts for you. It’s on you sonia!

Weekend Offender – Fort Myers navy cargo shorts
To be honest we were expecting something a little bit more lairy from these bad boy designers made good. These shorts are a bit too clean cut, a bit too suburban bbq with the in-laws, sunday drive and farmers market beer garden. If you get our drift. No section 60 sewn into the lining here. Shame because Weekend Offender made their name providing the goods and making no apologies about it. Maybe it’s just a personal thing, design-wise nothing goes wrong just expected a bit more bowling out the train station into a row of moody coppers type attire.

One True Saxon – Travis olive cargo shorts
Basic training, bayonets at the ready. Always get the feeling OTS want to design uniforms rather than leisure gear. These cargo shorts look like privates on parade – the summer years. We should be saluting the colonel across the parade ground while doing our kp! For those who like a pressed and ironed military feel to your summer wardrobe we guess these are a cross between a short, back and sides and a short, sharp, shock, don’t know how well they’ll go with your Spezials but loafers and a crisp light ale might make more sense.

Pretty Green – khaki cotton city shorts
Aye we all want to fucking live forever don’t we. But not in these things. Another oddity in as much as they look like they’ve been designed for the Primrose Hill set rather than the Spike Island revival tourists. Lot of care and effort gone into putting them together but you’re not going to wear them for a kickabout on Cringle Fields with the lads from Bowaters. No swagger, no charm, no leaning into the mic hands behind your back straining against every vowel. Makes you wonder just who they’re aimed at and who’s doing the buying.

Fjallraven – Barents pro shorts sand
We love Fjallraven, everything about their clothes is worth a second look, the arctic fox reeks of class but it seems they had a day off when it came to designing their shorts. We’re definitely in scoutmaster-by-the-campfire territory. They’ve got a few variations on offer but they all look a bit too formal and straight, which is strange for a clothing brand built on specialising in rugged outdoor gear, even the two tone green of the abisko range, and we love a bit of two tone. But these still look like a left over pair from the archaeology lecturer off of Time Team. And they shouldn’t. Not ever.

Nice One cargo shorts of Summer 2015:

Peaceful Hooligan – Container NC shorts, stone (£55.00) details here

No contest really. Take all the best bits from the above and stick ’em together and you’ve got Peaceful Hooligan’s container shorts. The bees knees, the dogs bollocks, the best of the bunch. We love a bit of it. What you get:

  • new premium dry handle cotton fabric
  • classic cargo styling
  • etched rubberised buttons throughout
  • reinforced seat paneling
  • tonal rubberised dove badge on left leg
  • garment dyed for a unique finish to each pair
  • 100% cotton
flowered up

peacefulhooligan2peacefulhooligan3peacefulhooligan4peacefulhooligan5peacefulhooligan6peacefulhooligan7Order your pair from



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