Swansea City to subsidise all away tickets prices

swansea city fansStatement from the club:

Swansea City will remain ‘True to 22’ this season in a bid to make life cheaper on the road for the club’s loyal fans. In a new fan initiative, the club has agreed to subsidise the price of every ticket for all away fixtures in the Barclays Premier League this season purchased through its Jack Army membership scheme.

It means the Swans will remain true to its pledge that no adult will pay more than £22 for any away fixture this season, while concession prices will be capped at a maximum of £15 and kids just £10.(Concession and child criteria can vary between clubs).

With adult ticket prices at some grounds costing in excess of £50, the club’s subsidy is set to amount to a £300,000 saving for supporters across the 2015-16 campaign.

“The club was very proactive on its Away Supporters Initiative (ASI) last season,’’ explained Swans Vice-Chairman Leigh Dineen. “But we believe our ‘True to 22’ pledge has taken it to a new level.

“We worked hard on reducing away ticket prices for our supporters last season through reciprocal deals with other clubs. Unfortunately, we were unable to finalise deals with all the clubs for different reasons.

“Therefore, while we introduced other away fan benefits, we felt it would be more beneficial to our supporters if we took the step of guaranteeing them cheaper tickets for all our away games, whether there was a reciprocal deal in place or not.’’

A recent study confirmed that Swans fans travelled further than any other in the Premier League last season, clocking up 4,129 miles at an average of 217 miles per trip.

“As a fan-owned club, we are well aware of how expensive it is to follow the team to away games, especially with the increasing transport costs,’’ added Swans Supporters Trust Director, Huw Cooze.

“But this ‘True to 22’ pledge means an adult can now watch every one of our away games in the Premier League for a total price of £418. That’s more than £250 cheaper per adult than the amount we believe it would cost this season without our subsidy.’’

In brief:

  • Swansea City made a net spend of around £175,000 on its Away Supporters Initiative (ASI) last season (2014-15).
  • The ASI was introduced two seasons ago when Premier League clubs agreed to set aside £12m of their own allocated funds over three seasons to make the matchday experience better and cheaper for travelling fans.
  • The Swans provided away supporters with either ticket reductions, free concourse meals, match programmes or merchandise for 15 of its 19 Premier League trips, while there were also offers in place for the club’s cup ties at Liverpool and Blackburn.
  • The club worked with nine Premier League teams on reciprocal ticket reductions for travelling fans, plus discounted tickets for the trips to Liverpool, Manchester City and Spurs.
  • The club also paid for a free concourse meal for every Swans fan at Southampton and Blackburn (cup); a complimentary programme at Arsenal and a free replica shirt for each of the 2,900 fans that made the final day trip to Crystal Palace.




Read more at http://www.swanseacity.net/news/article/swans-agrees-to-reduce-away-ticket-prices-2530806.aspx#k3Amh9JupQtlm3pw.99

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