The real Champions League – Le Tournoi de Mundial Sat 25th July

What else you gonna do on a saturday?
le coq sportif tournamentHow about watching the north west’s fashion mafia who are getting a few firms together for a bit of a meet down in central Manchester?

Serious business, a bit of mischief, plenty of half and half scarves, beer and flash new/vintage trainers on show [*]. What more could you ask for?

Magazines are represented by Proper and Mundial, retail outlets represented by Oi Polloi and size? (shops), Steeple Pine and Scotts (online stores) clothes brands represented by Trickett and the bobble hat kings Casual Connoisseur. Oh yeah and Le Coq Sportif might be promoting their new stuff probably. Don’t know if there’s going to be freebies on offer, worth a punt.

Apparently they want people to go down, could get a bit lively, should be a good day out.

Le Tournoi de Mundial 5-a-side tournament
Saturday 25th July 2015
Soccer In the City
Mcr Industrial Estate
Water Street
Manchester M3 4JW

Check Le Coq Sportif’s twitter feed for updates:
[*] Just to clarify the trainers will be on the feet of the competing players and not in glass display cases





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