Chile to establish a ‘national fan database’ to curb football violence

barras chileA fan database will gradually be implemented between 2015 and 2016, as well as the possibility of playing at home without any fans from the visiting team, are part of a package of seven measures proposed on Friday [17th July] by the Chilean Football Association (ANFP), in response to the return of violent incidents in recent matches.

The package of measures was announced by the president of the ANFP, Sergio Jadue, a day after the match between Rangers and Chile’s Universidad, at the Talca Stadium (south), which was suspended due to serious damages caused during the game by fans.

The proposal includes “creating a national fan database” which will take effect at some matches of the Apertura tournament”, and for all matches of the Clausura, for the 2015-2016 season,” said the President.

Tickets can be purchased locally or online, which will require giving your personal ID photo information, which will serve to identify the fans in case of incidents, he added.

In addition the Government will request the return of the police inside the stadium because “the local security guards are supplementary and do not replace the work itself of the police,” said Jadue.

The ANFP will also seek to amend the bylaws, in order to give the local clubs the opportunity upon request, to be able to play without visiting fans, in some games and as an extraordinary measure for the 2015-2016 season.

The creation of a working group, increased support for clubs to eradicate hooligans, invest in educational campaigns and add many of those officials who were in charge of the organization for the past Copa America, to be added to other tournament organization committees.

On Thursday, corresponding to Chile-2015 local tournament -in first and second division- the game which Universidad led 2-0 was suspended as fans began to release and throw seats which caused many injuries.

A dozen were arrested and several wounded due to the incident. Days ago, also a match between Everton and Santiago Wanderers was suspended before the start due to violence among fans.

At the Copa America, which ended on July 4, there was a released of a new law against violence at football matches, which tightened sanctions against those who broke the rule, prohibiting them from attending games for four years.

The maximum continental tournament did take place without any disturbances.




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