Holmesdale Fanatics display preparations

A message from Holmesdale Fanatics:

Display preparations are already in motion for our opening full tiered Holmesdale display against Arsenal.

palace v spurs displayIt’s fair to say that the club have shown big intentions for the upcoming season and there’s a massive buzz about the club. It feels we’re on the verge of something special and could soon reach heights that we’ve dreamt of for years. What makes it even more unique is that the supporters and players have made this journey together… Together, Our Spirit Is Unbreakable.

We want to make sure that we, the supporters, show that we’re up up for this journey more than ever and want to play our part in pushing the club forward and showing our players that we’re with them every step of the way. We’ve got a unique supporter culture at Palace and what better way to start than for the players to walk out the tunnel and see the whole Holmesdale alive with colour and passion – the whole country will know that the display was funded and set up purely by the supporters unlike the recent club funded displays starting to appear up and down the country.

As always, the success of these displays only happens through supporter donations and we hope the backing is still there from the fan base. The Speroni donations were very low but there were probably a number of reasons for that.

Any penny or pound you could contribute is crucial in making this work. We will also post up details for setting up the display closer to the time, all Palace welcome to help out.

to donate:
Paypal (make as a gift donation)
or direct bank transfer:





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