Match report: Enfield Town FC v Tonbridge Angels

Enfield Town FC 0-1 Tonbridge Angels

Saturday 8 August 2015
Ryman League Premier Division

enfield v tonbridge 8aug15by Deano

One of the benefits of turning up late to the game is you don’t get hassle at the turnstiles. I was able to waltz through unimpeded hiding a crafty bottle of Brewdog punk ipa, caught in the updraft of delicious smells coming up from the newly opened Town Catering burger van. Top notch grub and the return of football’s white plastic chair. Result.

I missed the first half but from what i could gather from my man on the inside (the crumpled figure standing next to me getting served at the bar) there wasn’t much to celebrate or get excited about either way. Reading between the lines it was a pretty lacklustre start, which seemed strange given the brilliant way Enfield acquitted themselves against Crystal Palace not a week before. Judging by the general muttering consensus in the clubhouse, the nil-nil scoreline spoke for itself.

Still the Sol was chilled, the stand behind the goal was packed and noisy, and the sun was blazing across a beautiful north London afternoon. It was a glorious day for football. The sort of day Colin Macinnes would have it “such as only that old whore london can throw up, though very occasionally”. And you know if you’re drinking Sol and quoting Colin Macinnes this is one of those occasions. Enfield at home, first game of the season,

But along with the blistering waves of heat you could sense an air of frustration in the crowd and on the Enfield bench. Chances weren’t capitalised on, opportunities weren’t exploited, tackles were committed enough, passes weren’t precise enough, opposition players weren’t closed down – Angels were allowed to move around the pitch at will – they looked the physically stronger side and that reflected in the play. Even with the massive support coming from the stands Enfield seemed not to be firing on all cylinders.

And i fucking love the Enfield Town ultras. By sheer force of will you want the whole stadium to start jumping up and down with these ultras. Everything about them is worth celebrating, something about them that’s essential to the game. The english working class at play – not flash, a bit drunk, fighting against the odds – and with it the whole spectrum of everything that football should be. Homegrown up-for-it football fans. Behind the goal. Singing and shouting. Sometimes together. Sometimes with a drum.

Still say they need a big banner to hang along the front, and a couple of big fuck-off flags. It’ll come, i love how they’re getting there. Enfield Town should have won it on the support behind the goal alone. It wasn’t to be, right near the end as everyone began to settle for a scoreless draw and edge closer back into Butler’s bar, some neat Tonbridge upfield passing catches the Enfield defence off guard and allows a slack easy goal for the Angels. After a mad Enfield rush to scramble an equaliser in the dying minutes it was Tonbridge who got away with the victory.

Crap finish to a great day. First game nerves maybe. Tough talking in the dressing room afterwards for certain.

Attn: 458

Matchday wardrobe:
Lee Cooper vintage grey Live Super Athletic Club t-shirt
Duffer of St George escapade navy/maroon hoodie
Peaceful Hooligan stone container shorts review here
Adidas aluminium grey and white OG Gazelles
The look: slightly battered lost in north London american classics, a tribute to TSPTR ss15 collection






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