European member-run football clubs meet in Spain for 2nd Encuentro Fútbol Popular

Encuentro Fútbol Popular 2Members and supporters from twelve member-run clubs will gather in Murcia this weekend, for the second annual ‘Encuentro Fútbol Popular’, hosted this year by C.A.P. Ciudad de Murcia. They will be joined by:

  • Ardita
  • Atlético Club de Socios
  • Avilés Stadium C.F.
  • C.D. Palencia
  • Cork City FC
  • FC United of Manchester
  • F.C Tarraco
  • U.C. Ceares
  • U.D. Ourense
  • Unionistas de Salamanca C.F.
  • Xerez Deportivo F.C.
  • and Supporters Direct Europe will also participate in the weekend’s discussions.


As was the case with last year’s conference, the main aim of the weekend will be to establish or reinforce the links between the clubs, and for those present to learn from each other’s experiences. Following on from the signature of a joint manifesto in 2014, Spain’s network of ‘clubes populares’ has continued to grow, as more and more supporters have decided to pursue a democratic, community-based alternative to the SAD (limited company) model of club ownership. This is something FASFE have long advocated for, particularly in their handbook produced as part of the ‘Improving Football Governance through Supporter Involvement and Community Ownership’ project.

This year’s event will feature contributions from the participating clubs, as well as other organisations involved in the movement:

  • Saturday, 15 August

From the stands to the management


  • A utopian structure for a football club: working groups (Ulises Illán, C.A.P. Ciudad de Murcia)
  • Social networks and online media (José António Martínez, C.A.P. Ciudad de Murcia)
  • Club management, institutional relations and legal questions (Javier Valdecillo, Xerez Deportivo F.C.)
  • Social work for clubes populares: the fight against inequality and discrimination (Raquel Zamora, C.A.P. Ciudad de Murcia)
  • Planning a budget: opinions, questions and suggestions (Emilio Abejon, FASFE)

Sunday, 16 August

  • The media and fútbol popular, advertising tool or counter-information: Iñígo Arza (U.C. Ceares), Mario Gago (Wanderers) and Aitor Lagunas (Panenka)
  • An association of clubes populares: Aitor Lagunas (Panenka)
  • Closed assembly for clubes populares, moderated by Javier Valdecillo (Xerez Deportivo F.C.)

To find out more about this year’s Encuentro Fútbol Popular, you can visit the website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter throughout the weekend via the #FútbolPopular hashtag.


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