Still no justice for the Archway One

Arsenal’s She Wore A Yellow Ribbon blog give us an update on the ongoing battle by lifelong Arsenal fan Mick Doherty to get his vindictive stadium ban overturned

justice for the archway oneHere at She Wore, we have been following & sharing the story of Mick Doherty ‘AKA The Archway One’ and his unjust 5 year ban from The Emirates for some time now.

It’s been a long and tiresome road in which we’ve witnessed:

  • Mick being cleared in a court of law that his case was not football related
  • Arsenal’s football liaison officer still put forward an application for a football banning order… and having it dismissed in court
  • With her pride clearly hurt, that same officer then contacted the club directly demanding they implement a stadium ban only for them to AGREE and ban Mick from the Emirates for 5 years! (Whilst legally being allowed to step foot in every other football ground in the country. Yep, that’s makes sense!)
  • That same officer being removed from her post under a cloud of alleged corruption and lots of arrests the CPS chucked out
  • All the while, the club remain unmoved on Mick’s ban
  • A nationwide campaign from Arsenal fans to get Mick’s stadium ban overturned
  • 3,226 ‘Justice for the Archway One’ support signatures gained on
  • Mick’s solicitors reporting that their client’s treatment is in breach of his Human Rights.
  • High profile support from figures associated with the club both past & present
  • The Football Supporters Federation reporting of the incident and gaining more support from other football communities…

All leading to bringing in an Independent Football Ombudsman to do a full investigation into the case and they found that Arsenal Football Club have absolutely no grounds to uphold this ban against Mick and recommended it be immediately quashed, to which the Metropolitan Police released a statement agreeing with this verdict.

“Surely that’s it?!” I hear you say? Well, ladies & gentlemen… Here is the letter [below] Mick Doherty just received from the club. Even after all the media attention and legal action that’s come their way, they couldn’t give off a more stubborn and pig nosed reply if they tried to a lifelong supporter who, let’s not to forget, had raised vast amounts of money for local charities in the past in connection with the club!

And we like to pride ourselves on being ‘Classy’? A pillar of the national game? The Home of Football?
The Hill-Wood’s (Peter aside) will be turning in their graves! Arsenal’s hierarchy?? FUCKING SHAME ON YOU!!

mick doherty arsenal ban





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