Hoppy Mondays beer

That summer feeling
hoppy mondays1Love this, can’t beat it. Beer of the summer, brewed by a group of likely lads who run two of the best clothing brands around. When Weekend Offender and Casual Connoisseur get together you know you’re in for a treat. They’ve teamed up with independent Derby brewers Dancing Duck and produced some class act ale. And there’s only two things you really need for a decent summer

  1. sun
  2. beer

You got those in the bag, you’re laughing. Trouble is the sun hasn’t been playing ball so we’ll have to make do with the beer. And if you’re looking for the perfect summer brew then this magical concoction is just the ticket. According to those in the know it features a combination of three hops – Citra from the USA, Admiral from the UK, and Dana from Slovenia. It’s serious drinking. The fizzy lager louts will love it because it goes down like a dream, clean and fresh as a daisy. And it has genuinely got a citrusy aftertaste, which reminds me a lot of Brewdog’s Punk IPA (which we’ve been getting into recently) in that respect but not as chemically. In fact, far superior.

Here’s how they describe it on the bottle “a refreshing pale summer ale with a crisp finish, hoppy bitterness gives way to an explosion of citrus and pine, a full on hop attack for weekend connoisseurs or any other day of the week”. Which just about sums it up.

It’s a limited edition, only available online exclusively from the Weekend Offender website, and they’ve already sold over half the stock so you need to jump in quick. Shame we only got four bottles, could drink this all day. They could brew it commercially, no problem. Have it behind the bar at all the fan-owned clubs, it’s a ready market. Comes as a four pack in a nice arty box with beer mats designed by Peter O’Toole. What more you want?

For weekend connoisseurs and casual offenders everywhere.

Hoppy Mondays 4 pack
£16.00 a case (free postage and packing)
500ml per bottle
Buy online here: http://www.weekendoffender.com/shop/accessories/hoppy-mondays-beer-4-pack.html


hoppy mondays 3hoppy mondays 2hoppy mondays 4






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