Away Fans travel

Table of distances away fans have to travel in the Football League Season 2015/16

Roy Keane famously once said in one of his rare outbursts that away fans were the hardcore fans. It takes a lot of energy and committment to travel the length of the country watching your team play, especially those clubs outside the Premiership who don’t always have the prestige venues and glamour fixtures. Yet week in week out football fans from the lower leagues make that trip hoping for more than a nil nil draw and a cold meat pie.

Below is the table of all 72 Football League clubs ranked in the amount of travel their supporters will have to do to watch their team play. Respect goes to Carlisle fans for having to travel just under 12,000 miles this season (which is an average of over 500 miles per game) closely followed by Plymouth and Hartlepool – all League Two teams. In fact the top six most travelled fans are from League Two. By contrast Sheffield United fans only have to travel almost 4000 miles.

away fans travel league 2105-16

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