Casual Connoisseur t-shirt round-up

Who says August is slackers summer holiday time? Not for the full-time fashion mechanics at Casual Connoisseur who were busy throughout the month putting out re-issues of some of their classic t-shirt designs and a couple of something a little bit different.

These things sell, so you need to be either very quick or very lucky if any are still available, worth a shout in CC’s direction.

Paninaro t-shirt released Fri 28 August 2015

CasualCo - paninaro
Apparently this re-issue was put out a month ago but sold-out almost immediately so they decided to do another run for the end of August.  A tribute to the Pet Shop Boys song Paninaro, itself a tribute to an Italian youth subcult of the early-mid 1980s who took aspirational consumer aesthetic to an absurd degree. Paninaro started in Milan and got their name from meeting at the Panino café (Panino being the Italian for bread roll or sandwich), and spread through Italy’s metropolitan centres. They were essentially bored rich kids wanting to distance themselves from their peers and predecessors and chose a highly stylised dress code and fashion accessories along with a fast food fixation.

The t-shirt features Chris Lowe taken from the Suburbia single press shots released in 1986 (Paninaro was originally the b-side to Suburbia).

Buy here:

Northern Music Factory ‘heat reactive’ t-shirt released Wed 26 August 2015

CasualCo - Northern Music
Bit of nostalgia mixed in with some up-to-date fabric magic. Everyone’s favourite manic northerners with a clever twist on this perennial favourite. As your body gets hot (through all that melon twisting) the t-shirt changes colour to the corresponding heat change. So basically you’re getting two different coloured t-shirts for the price of one. Bargain. And something to freak out the acid house casualties at the local disco or the Palatine Road pilgrims while you’re at it.

The design is the original Factory Records logo with names of northern bands past and present running across it. Bit of an esoteric choice when it comes to the bands featured, but we say: what about Crispy fucking Ambulance?!

Buy here:

Casual Connoisseur FC football shirt released Wed 19 August 2015

CasualCo Football top
After the pasting they took recently at the Fashion Boys World Cup [see here] on some dodgy industrial estate in M3, you would have thought they’d keep their heads down for a while in the footballing stakes, but it seems apart from not having anyone with a decent right foot, they have no shame either. And all the better for it.

These genuine Adidas football tops come in home (blue) and away (red) colours and they are made with ultra lightweight climalite® fabric that wicks moisture and keeps the wearer sweat free. Three stripes on the sleeves, which of course are long, as always. Plus CC branded logo embroidery and tiny ‘connoisseur fc’ detail on the hem. Dress code recommendation: worn with shorts and trainers, Bob Marley style. Wicks moisture!?

Buy here:

Bummed t-shirt released Thurs 13 August 2015

CasualCo Bummed
When everyone names their favourite Happy Mondays song they always go for the glory days, the golden period when everything just fell into place and then fell out all over the place, but frankly after Kuff Dam and Olive Oil (James tribute song) everything the Mondays did was always going to be a bit of a disappointment. Living in the shadow of the Pennines and walking home from Whalley Range at 4.30am in the morning, The PSV club, the flyover, the bits you remember before the drugs took over. If you’ve got to be told by someone…

Buy here:

Sound and Vision t-shirt released Thurs 13 August 2015

CasualCo Unknown Pleasures
It’s Unknown Pleasures. Fair enough but the ink is silver metallic and slightly raised so it gives it a 3D effect with a slight dazzle. The boy Curtis would surely approve. It looks like solidified mercury or neatly ordered iron filings. If you can walk away in silence in this then it’s the t-shirt to wear on matchdays for sure.

What it actually shows is: 80 successive periods of the first pulsar observed, CP1919 (Cambridge pulsar at 19 hours 19 minutes right ascension), stacked on top of one another using the average period of 1.33730 seconds in this computer-generated illustration produced at the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico. So there.

Buy here:

Villain hat released Tues 4 August 2015

Went down to see Fisher FC play at Champion Hill in South London a while back and all the geezers were wearing black flat caps, about ten of them. I’d like to think it was the Fisher lads who inspired the connoisseurs to get their arses into gear and do some terrace head gear for the discerning boy about town. Maybe it was the other way round who knows.

This takes its name from the Salford born climber Don Whillans, a proper bloke, handy on the rocks, handy with his fists, he climbed with the greats, he was a great himself and mostly always wore his flat cap. These ones are navy made in a lighter-weight special linen, by the ‘Masters of Linen’, more crafty cockney than city gent. If you’ve got the neck for it…



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