Joel Must Stay – Easton Cowboys/Cowgirls campaign to stop the deportation of local footballer

*URGENT UPDATE!* Joel has been booked on a flight on THURSDAY 17th September

joel must stay campaign4We need volunteers who would be available to take our petition(s) to the Home Office and stage a small demo. This is currently being planned for Thursday (I’d guess morning). The advice is that petitions on their own are not necessarily effective and our best chance is to combine it with direct action.

Hopefully this is a false alarm as the judicial review paperwork has been submitted and we think there are crossed wires between departments. However, we need to be ready to crank up the volume of the campaign and submitting the petition in person will be a great way to get attention.

In the meantime, SHARE SHARE SHARE – let’s get as many signatures on there as possible.

If you’re willing and able to take part on Thursday, visit Joel Must Stay facebook page

Stop the deportation of Joel Etoundi – Easton Cowboys Footballer and valued community member

Joel Etoundi is facing imminent deportation from the UK to Cameroon, resulting in almost certain imprisonment and potential torture on arrival, due to draconian laws that would not be tolerated here. His personal safety and indeed life are at risk should he be forced to return.

Joel has been seeking asylum in the UK for two years and in that time has proved himself to be an asset to the local community, taking part in many community and charity projects since living in Bristol.

He is a club secretary and valued member of the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls Sports and Social Club and a committed member of St Nicholas of Tolentino Church in Easton, through which he has participated in various charity initiatives.

He has been detained in an Immigration Removal Centre for the past month and has been issued with an immigration removal order which could see him placed on a flight to Cameroon at any time.

Sign the petition here:

joel must stay campaign2




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