Kicking off Port Vale v Sheffield Utd – Sat 3 Oct 2015

portvalevsheffieldutd 3oct15TWO police officers have been injured while dealing with crowd trouble following Port Vale’s home match against Sheffield United.

A number of violent incidents occurred outside Vale Park as rival fans left the ground, resulting in one man being arrested on suspicion of affray. Around 15 men were seen kicking and punching each other on the Co-op car park and had to be separated by parking attendants.

Large numbers of home and away supporters attempted to clash on Hamil Road, with police forming fixed lines between the rival groups.

Chief Inspector Amanda Davies, commander of the police operation, said: “It became apparent there were groups of people intent on being involved in criminal disorder. Two officers were injured, one has been taken to hospital with a suspected fracture to her ankle and the second officer had cuts to his face after being struck with a piece of concrete.

“The body worn footage and CCTV recorded during the disorder has been secured and will be examined.”

The policing of Vale games has been a bone of contention between the club and Staffordshire Police in recent months, with many fans criticising the force for its ‘heavy-handed’ approach.

Vale season-ticket holder, said: “I was walking home up Hamil Road and a load of Sheffield United fans came out into the Hamil Road, a huge mob.

“What’s the point of having a fence on the Hamil Road car park if people can just walk around it? Both factions just met in Hamil Road.

“Vale fans were the other side and people were throwing things at each other. I went through the park to get home.

“I would hope this doesn’t cause bigger police bills for Vale”.


Port Vale 2-1 Sheffield United
Vale Park
Saturday 3 October 2015



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