Match report: Fisher FC v Sevenoaks Town

Fisher FC 0-3 Sevenoaks Town

Saturday 10 October 2015
Southern Counties East League
fisher v sevenoaks10oct15by Deano

Non League day. Something in the air. Something to savour. A couple of ice-cold bottles of Super Bock for the journey down south. Gets the blood flowing, part of the ritual. I don’t envy fans of Plymouth or Carlisle who have to travel hundreds of miles round trip just to see their team play. That’s proper dedication. As the bus bounces over Vauxhall Bridge I look out over the dirty old river rolling by and wonder, who’s going to be the enterprising bright spark who introduces the half and half scarf into non-league football? There’s fish in the Thames now, 125 different species, so no-one mentions the sewage anymore.

Fisher is a Bermondsey club waiting for their chance to return home, currently squatting down at Champion Hill. A stranger on home ground. However much Fisher want to call this a home game East Dulwich is still a very civilised part of the world. A bit like Hampstead or Primrose Hill or Portobello. Villagey. Fucking Tuscany. Walking up Lordship Lane i definitely don’t belong here, get the feeling Fisher don’t either.

Fisher are a dogged fighting club, born and bred. Fighting for points, fighting for every ball, fighting for their right to exist. You carry your history with you. Like a burden. With effort, with pride. SE16. Yeah i’m gonna mention Millwall. Same temperament. Same outlook. The ghost of London’s dock workers haunts the very bones of these clubs. It’s in the blood, you need to be able to hear the river breathe.

So when Fisher play you want them to win. Non league day means a healthy crowd, biggest of the season. You want them to win. But Sevenoaks start off like they mean business, fluid, feisty, up for it, score almost from the off. Fisher rise to the challenge and get stuck in equally hard. It’s going to be a physical game. Fisher play the long ball game, don’t know if this is normal tactics but it means every time the ball is lofted upfield it has to be fought over, and you’ve only got a fifty per cent chance of making something of it. Lots of squandered chances and passes coming to nothing. The crowd are willing Fisher to attack everytime they get the ball. And every time Sevenoaks score it’s like a dagger to the heart. All that effort.

Fisher don’t scare easy though. Twice they rattled the crossbar with a couple of blistering shots on goal. If only, we think in unison. Sevenoaks grow in confidence, passing the ball with ease. Fisher are on the back foot, but i’d like to think this is where they perform best – fighting back against the odds. And they never stop fighting back. Even in the dying minutes they’re still running at the Sevenoaks defence with determination and skill. Determined to give the fans something to cheer about.

And there’s a lot of fans here today. It’s Fisher’s last non league day before moving back to SE16 and they’re celebrating their local community. Bermondsey Community Kitchen are represented as are kids from Cherry Garden School. Nice touch i think. Solid work. We all go home thinking about what success the new stadium will bring.

Couple of things, Fisher’s ultras have taken up on the Toilets Opposite stand rather than behind the goal. They’re singing and chanting adding to the atmosphere but it gets lost in amongst the shadows. Reckon they should be behind the opposition keeper. Talking of which – someone shut the fucker up!

Fisher – fan owned and proud. Way ahead of the game in how things should be done. Unquestionably a class act. Now just waiting for the rest of London to catch up.

Attn: 189

Matchday wardrobe:
Carhartt Troop jacket (black)
Prada black ribbed zip neck sweater
Nudie jeans (sharp dark straight Sven)
Adidas Hawaii trainers (reviewed here)
The look: men in black



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