Leeds lead Championship away fan attendances

6,297 Leeds fans at MK Dons
6,297 Leeds fans at MK Dons, Saturday 19 Sept 2015

We all know away fans do several things:

  • they don’t eat prawn sandwiches
  • they travel, a lot
  • they carry the pride of their city and their club with them into enemy territory and hostile environments with the hope of making it from an unfamiliar pub to the ground without bumping into any mischief
  • they sing their hearts out

And it’s Leeds fans who are showing their commitment in terms of travelling support so far this season. Not only have they the largest overall away attendance (in the Championship) and best average, but they have two away games (at MK Dons and at Reading) in the top five game attendance, and this is despite the side not performing that well on the pitch.

According to The72 website who put together the Top 5 tables below:

The battle for the 2015/16 best away attendances was always going to be a competition between Leeds, Derby, Boro and to a lesser degree, Wolves. And so far, it’s gone exactly to plan for those teams.

We’re now 10 fixtures into the season, so every team has had 5 away days to get their fans rallied, their flags flown, and stake a claim to being the best travelling fan base of the season.

As reported earlier, Leeds are set to make it 6 years in a row as the best travelling side, but competition is strong from Derby and Boro, who both have the opportunity and the following to stick a flag in the attendance wars and claim it as their own.

With that in mind, we’re thrown together a top 5 so far of various results.

Top 5 Overall Away Attendance

Leeds – 16,722 (3344 average)
Derby – 14,135 (2827 average)
Middlesbrough – 12,520 (2504 average)
Wolves – 10,304 (2060 average)
QPR – 9,440 (1888 average)

Top 5 Game Away Attendance

Leeds away at MK Dons: 6297
Birmingham away at Leeds: 4358
Leeds away at Reading: 4131
QPR away at Fulham: 4014
Derby away at MK Dons: 3844

Top 5 Improvers on Last Year

MK Dons +41.22% away attendance
Reading +41.06% away attendance
Brighton +38% away attendance
Derby +30% away attendance
Leeds +20% away attendance

Top 5 Losers on Last Year

Brentford -56% away attendance
Charlton -40% away attendance
Rotherham -35% away attendance
Fulham -30% away attendance
Bristol -27% away attendance




Read more here: http://the72.co.uk/37733/championship-away-attendances-week-10/

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