Spanish workers in Edinburgh Working Class Cup Saturday 24 October

spanish workers edinburgh world cup

Spanish workers in Edinburgh under the framework of the days of migrant resistance organizes the first football tournament in against the labor exploitation. We invite you to participate, exchange ideas and experiences on the Saturday 24 October in the Meadows, Edinburgh.

Those concerned and interested in participating, get in touch via Facebook (see below) or by e-mail: Deadline for registration is open until the completion of the number of teams.

Greetings to all and all.

For the football tournament this Saturday

Tournament rules:

* matches of 5 x 5
* 20 minutes per game, with a change of course at the 10-minute long run
* you can’t get a goal within the area.
* There’s no goalie, but the players of field can be in the goal for as long as they do not touch the ball with his hand.
* There’s not out of the game.
* out of band with the foot.
* the tournament consists of 12 teams, divided into 4 groups. Is the first of each group of 3.
* in the event of a tie to victories in a group is classified which have better golaverage particular.
* in the unlikely event of a three-way tie to wins and golaverage in the group stage will decide which team goes for a toss.
* in case of a penalty may have a doorman. Must be placed on the goal line but you can’t touch it with his hand.
* all the matches that will end in a draw will be solved with a batch of 3 penalties.
* changes in each team are unlimited, but must always be carried out, and when the ball is not in a game.
* the 4 classified will play a semifinal 30 minutes and the final will also be 30 minutes.

I’ll see you this Saturday at 10!

Then on Sunday 25 October:

spanish workers in edinburgh




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