It Started in the North – right it did!

it-started-in-the-north4Never one to shy away from a bit of frank and forthright footballing debate, Close Than Most have laid down a bit of a poser in their latest t-shirt design. Where did the football casual start from? Basically the question should be which end of the Mersey did it start from, but we’ll let that one pass for now.

Plus if we’re going to get technical, football itself started in the north of england, as did acid house (when Bernard Sumner finally decided to start singing ‘how does it feel’), and um, the computer.

Another bold, class act design from CtM, probably fly out of the shops, interesting to see what the sales are going to be like inside the M25 though. It started at the end of the district line, anyone? Top of the nu-lad christmas list ; )

it started in the north1
It Started in the North t-shirt


Heavyweight 100% Ringspun Cotton

Handprinted in Manchester

Buy online here:






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