STAND issue 15 out now!

STAND #15 front cover£2.80 (+ £1.00 p&p)

Buy your copy online:

Here we go, Stand’s second issue of the season is here.

Another beautiful cover with plenty going on inside. This time they look to concentrate more on the big clubs, what’s going on in the Premier League for fans particularly in light of the recent and biggest FSF Twenty’s Plenty protests carried out to date.

As with every issue of the fanzine though, the writers are easily distracted and talk of Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and all the others is soon left to one side for tales from Finland, the Bundesliga’s response to current affairs, what happened to the 1984/85 Bury side, whether Hull City fans actually what their club to get back to the Premier League and a whole host of other interesting stuff.

Also, do the Police target fans who, you know, wear the sort of excellent attire you might purchase from say, the majority of shops that stock Stand? That notion gets covered here as well.

And look out for some cracking photographs from the Urban Goals project and other artwork, penned by the excellent Peter O’Toole.

So, if you’re interested…

Distant Echo and all other stockists will have their sales links up shortly but in the meantime, there’s always their handy subscription service (edit – Distant Echo have posted theirs here).

They’ve even reduced the 5-issue season deal to celebrate the new issue coming out. Click here for details – there’s also a 4-issue deal if you’ve already got Issue 14 and well, you can buy individual copies if you’d prefer that.

You can get every issue of Stand digitally for as little as £2.99 via Exact Editions.

Don’t miss out, order your copy now.




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