Match report: Fisher FC v Greenwich Borough

Fisher FC 2-5 Greenwich Borough

Saturday 31 October 2015
Southern Counties East League

Fisher v greenwich 31oct15by Deano

The pride of south London. Makes sense here where the river divides your world in two. If you’re going to have a slogan, make it a good ‘un. It’s about being part of something, that much is clear. Sure Palace have the Holmesdale Fanatics and Millwall have a reputation that over shadows all comers but Fisher, there’s something about Fisher that goes beyond that, the underdog’s underdog.

Where we are. They play The Fall’s version of There’s a Ghost in My House at half time over the p.a. It’s a sign. An omen. Fisher are 3-1 down at the break. How do you fight your way back from that? As the saying goes it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you belong. They breed fighters in Bermondsey. Heads up.

The first half was a bit of a rollercoaster. Fisher are first on the score sheet after the first five minutes with a ball pulled back across the box to be hammered home by the No10 Emiliano Hysi. Greenwich don’t falter though and refuse to let the home team take advantage. There’s a battle going on in the middle of the field and it’s getting physical. No love lost. While Fisher look for openings Greenwich present a solid front and hit back with an equaliser slipped in at the far post mid way through the half.

Still it’s anyone’s game and then the ref gives Greenwich a penalty which put the visitors in the lead. Looks like both sides are happy to play out the rest of the half until Greenwich’s No9 Michael Power out of the blue whacks the ball from the half way line, Beckham style, and we all watch in stunned silence as the ball travels in an almost perfect arc towards the goal sailing over the keepers head and into the back of the net. Beautifully executed goal right at the end of the 45 minutes. Don’t envy the guvnor’s half time team talk, what do you say after that?

They’re selling something called Beatnik beer behind the bar. With a picture of a hipster on the front. Gipsy Hill, south london micro brewery, fair play keeping it local, but i don’t know maybe it’s an age thing, it just seems like everyone’s taking the piss these days. They also do a beer called Southpaw which probably suits the palate better.

Greenwich come out like they’re on fresh legs, confident and assured. It’s an uphill battle for Fisher, but they don’t stop battling. And then bang! another Greenwich goal, a Michael Power hat-trick. Where the fuck are these coming from? And then bang! another Greenwich goal. They’re coming from no-where. We’re all just about to call it a day when super-sub Benga Ogunseye steps up, seizes his chance and rifles a shot from the edge of the box past a no-where Greenwich keeper. Have that!

In the age of austerity there’s only certain things you can rely on. It’s never going to be easy, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about being part of something, something you own. And you take pride in what’s yours. No-where else do those words have such meaning than at the heart of the Fisher faithful. And it’s what carries you through despite the loss. Didn’t feel like a five goal defeat. Didn’t feel like Fisher deserved the scoreline. They never gave up and that’s something you can’t buy.

This is Fisher – grafters, broad shoulders, big hearts. The pride of south London.

Attn: 103

Matchday wardrobe:
Fjallraven Nordli jacket (khaki)
Fjallraven Byron hat (dark olive)
Fred Perry all black polo shirt
Levi 501 jeans
Kappa sand nubuck trainers
The look: nordic by north west






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