Three in court for mass brawl between Derby and Forest fans

derby-forestGROUPS of Derby County and Nottingham Forest hooligans who became involved in a mass brawl boasted to each other online in the days that followed, a court was told. Internet and phone message between some of those either charged or alleged to have been fighting saw them describe the clash as “class” while others said they would not be imprisoned if they were caught.’

Nottingham Crown Court has previously been told how up to 80 Derby or Forest fans were involved in what the prosecution described as “unadulterated and pre-arranged football hooliganism. It took place on September 28, 2013 after the Reds had beaten the Rams 1-0 in a match at the City Ground.

A crowd of 50 Rams followers gathered in the car park of the Festival pub in Trowell where they waited for 30 Reds fans who travelled in a number of taxis from Nottingham city centre to meet them for a mass brawl.

Giving evidence at the trial of three men who have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit violent disorder, Sally Marshall, a police officer who analysed 15 mobile phones that were seized as part of the investigation, read out some of the group messages.

She said: “Messages included some that said ‘I can’t see many (of us) having charges pressed against us’. Another said ‘The only thing about getting banned (from matches) will not being able to go to France 2016 (next year’s European Championships). “There will be 100,000 England fans there, it will be mayhem.”

In a statement read out by Sarah Knight, prosecuting, a barmaid at the pub, said: “Just after 5pm I heard loud chanting from the Derby fans in the car park. They were shouting ‘DLF’ they had their faces covered by scarves. They were throwing glasses at a man who was running down Nottingham Road, I saw one of the youths launch a glass towards him.”

A total of 14 men or teenagers have already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit violent disorder. Most of them are young Nottingham Forest fans who were aged between 15 and 39 at the time of fight. But three others have denied the same charge and are currently on trial at Nottingham Crown Court.





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