Liverpool fans mass walk-out: Saturday 6 Feb

Scouse supporters group Spion Kop 1906 are planning to lead a mass walk-out of Liverpool fans on Saturday 6 Feb over the cost of next season’s ticket prices at Anfield.

On the 77 minute of the game against Sunderland at Anfield, fans of the club will walk off the terraces in a collective show of anger at the club’s management who are set to increase ticket prices for next season despite earning a revenue of £300m last season.

Regular match day tickets are being increased from £59 to £77 for the new Main Stand while season tickets will break the £1000 barrier for the first time.

Liverpool management have attempted to hide the increases by introducing new £9 child tickets – which are only available for 3 ‘category C’ games, representing less than 0.5% of total tickets for the season.


Spion Kop 1906 statement:

Sunderland at home on Saturday, the first stage of many planned protests against the club in regards to the ticket prices at Anfield for the 2016/17 season.

LFC think it’s acceptable to make more money than ever before from supporters. £2million more.

That means price rises for many. £77 match tickets and £1,029 season tickets.

Big increases for some, a few frozen and others get a tiny bit off. The club still make more.

Don’t think it’s OK because yours is OK.

Who will get the next increases do you think?

Every week we get right behind the team.

Now supporters need to get behind each other.

Let’s make sure the owners know this is unacceptable.

On 77 minutes, leave your seat and walk out. Tell your mates and family. Tell the people around you. Tell them why.

Walk out on 77 minutes and show you care.

Love the team – Hate the prices. #WalkOutOn77.


Spirit of Shankly statement:

Following our release earlier this week about the LFC ticket price rises (here) and the action being led at the match tomorrow by the Spion Kop 1906 group (#WalkOutOn77), that we are supporting, we recognise that there is a groundswell of support for action to make FSG reconsider their pricing structures for the forthcoming season.

Many supporters outside of the match going fans want to help and we have regretfully taken the view that our negotiation with FSG has failed and they have ignored the real issues about accessibility and affordability.

With that in mind we want the Club sponsors to know what is going on, to let them know that their association with owners who do not value their supporters (or are we customers now?) may not be as positive as they perceive.

Our campaign will target each LFC sponsor in turn – asking them to tell us, the supporters, if they think what is happening is fair and asking them to confirm they are happy with being associated with owners that treat supporters in this way.

Sponsors will be asked to tell the owners to go back and think again and if not we will be asking supporters to see those sponsors not prepared to support us as not with us and therefore not worthy of our support.

The first sponsor to be approached will commence tomorrow morning at 11.00am – we will be giving details of what we plan and how supporters can get involved tomorrow.

The aim is to get everyone involved inside the ground on the 77th minute and outside the ground in anyway they can.

Please give this your support and get behind it, we have already seen what we can do together rather than individually.

We would welcome any support or other ideas you may have.


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