Norman Walsh Invade – look what you could’ve had!

Monday 29th February is the last day of the Norman Walsh winter sale and if you get your order in before midnight you can get a whacking 55% off your purchase.

Presumably then March is when the new stock of 2016 trainers puts in an appearance. But just in case you’ve forgotten we’re going to let you know, in the grand tradition of Jim Bowen, what you missed out on.

As we said previously these were the trainer purchase of 2015, and no we didn’t get to buy a pair either! There is an inordinate amount of personal regret and an inexplicable amount of envy attached to that fact.

Anyway we’ve saved for posterity

Norman walsh invade brown

Norman walsh invade skyNorman walsh invade burgundyNorman walsh invade purple

Norman walsh invade black

Norman Walsh Invade

Developed in the early 1980’s, the Invade was a further development of the earlier Cobra racing shoe. This shoe was nicknamed by its users as the ‘1000 mile shoe’ and was widely used as a road and marathon racing shoe.


Upper Materials: 
-Cotton Canvas
-Brushed Nylon

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