Villa fans walk out against Everton – the protest has begun

“We are asking you the suffering masses to stand up and walk out on the 74th minute of the home games against Everton, Spurs and Chelsea.”

“We the fans, the heart of the club have been fed a false narrative while our hopes and dreams wither and die.”

Out The Door on 74

Vila fans began their ambitious campaign of protests on Tuesday night against Everton when thousands of fans left their seats on the 74th minute of the game and walked out of the stadium in protest at the current owners of the club and how it is being run.

The next walk out protest is scheduled for Saturday 12 March 2016 against Liverpool at Villa Park. The campaigners are expecting an even greater response.

Read their full statement below:

Post Everton game – Anti Randy Lerner Feeling Reaches New Heights

Thank you to every single supporter of Aston Villa Football Club who stood up to be counted on last night. Not just those who joined us in #OUTTHEDOORON74 but also those who took part in the sustained vocal tirade against the destructive regime that has backed those magnificent supporters of this football club into a corner. We showed that we are ready to fight our way out of it again through peaceful, yet sustained action. The lion has roared once more.

Thank you also for the respect shown by those who chose not to walk to those that did, it is clear now that we are capable of pulling in the same direction even when our chosen method may differ.

It has been suggested that our particular end objective has not been made clear enough. Well, last night the crowd spoke. Both in the conversations held with supporters before the game, their ferocity during it and on the 74th minute as thousands streamed down the Trinity Road…

From European nights, to relegation fights, WE WANT RANDY LERNER OUT

For that to be achieved then he will almost certainly need to lower the asking price. If he is unwilling to do so then we need to leave him in no doubt that if he doesn’t sell soon then there has to be a major change in direction as this backwards approach showing zero ambition cannot continue. As supporters we now need to ramp up the pressure on our ‘custodian’ and implore him to lower his asking price and in the meanwhile whilst a buyer is found be good to his word and take care of this magnificent club.

We must continue to stand together in this fight, we cannot afford to let this momentum slip.  The planned walkouts against Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea are now very much in focus and we will call on you all again to join us in walking out the door on 74.

Up The Villa.

Out The Door on 74 website


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