Banner of the week: Holmesdale Fanatics £20 is plenty, 14 votes needed

Holmesdale Fanatics, the heart and soul of Palace and let’s face it the political conscience of Premier League fandom in general, v Liverpool Sunday 6 March 2016.

HF05: Time to start raising awareness ahead of the premier leagues shareholders meeting on 23.03.16 where all 20 chairman will have a vote on if they want to help out supporters with ticket prices or not. Need to give this as much publicity as possible. FOOTBALL WITHOUT SUPPORTERS IS NOTHING.

Spirit of Shankly: Crystal Palace fans today reminding Premier League clubs to vote for a cap on away ticket prices at their next meeting – 14 out of the 20 clubs is the number required for it to be passed.


holmesdale fanatics 5march16holmesdale fanatics V liverpool 5march16holmesdale fanaticsvliverpool 5march16

Holmesdale Fanatics facebook page


Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool
Sunday 6 March 2016
Premier League
Selhurst Park

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