Out The Door on 74 Round Two – Spurs Sun 13 Mar

Villa fans prepare for another mass walk-out during their home game against Spurs on Sunday 13 March 2016.


Come Back Home and Walk Out The Door On 74

We are calling on those supporters who have been driven away from their club in her miserable state to come back home and Walk Out the Door on 74 versus Spurs (Sunday March 13th – 4pm).

We understand it is difficult to watch the club you love go through the agony of another relegation battle, one that will now certainly result in failure. With this in mind we now ask that you too please join your fellow Aston Villa supporters in forcing home a message that enough is enough, things have to change. What happens ON the pitch now is irrelevant but we the supporters can influence what happens OFF it and by extension how short our stay is in The Championship. Now is not the time to wallow in self-pity, now is the time for rolling up our sleeves and start demanding positive action from our “custodian”.

We urge all Villans, no matter how long you have been away, to get yourself down to Villa Park and to come together with your fellow supporters and make your voices heard for 74 minutes, before walking out together and really ramming home the message that accompanies this protest. By ensuring our roar is heard and then our silence deafening it offers up the chance, no matter how big or small, that it will be acted upon. By staying away and doing nothing your feelings will remain forever unspoken.

Please join us. Together we CAN make a difference. We are thousands, they are few…

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